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Pet Soft Tissue Surgery

Learn more about our pet soft tissue surgery services below.

Pet Soft Tissue Surgery in Murray, KY 

In our continuing efforts to offer the highest quality veterinary medicine, we are pleased to provide a wide range of surgical services for our patients. Our routine surgical procedures, such as spaying and neutering, are scheduled Monday through Friday and can range from outpatient to an overnight stay, depending on what surgery is performed. Surgery can be a source of anxiety and stress for many pet owners. Maybe you worry about whether your pet will be well cared for, or perhaps you have concerns about adequate precautions and monitoring. Let us address your concerns. Our staff of compassionate, caring professionals is highly skilled in performing veterinary surgeries and will make every effort to ensure that your pet receives the very best care. Our focus on patient safety, pain management, and employing the most current surgical practices is designed to exceed your expectations and put your concerns to rest.

We will monitor your pet before, during, and after surgery and will take exceptional care to make certain of a safe and complete recovery for your pet. We will also address any questions or concerns you may have about surgery, including concerns about anesthesia, pain management, or post-operative care. When your pet is ready to go home, we will review your post-operative care and medication instructions. If any questions arise after your pet returns home or at any other time during the post-operative period, call us. We welcome your questions and will do all we can to help your pet recover fully.

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Pet Spay & Neuter

Pet spaying and neutering is an important decision for pet owners. Not only does it help to control the pet population, but it also has health benefits for your pet. Spaying or neutering your pet can help to reduce the risk of certain cancers, and it can also help to prevent behavioral problems. Pet spaying and neutering is a safe and common procedure, and it is typically done when the pet is between six months old or older.


Pet Mass Removal

Pet mass removal is a vital veterinary procedure that can help to improve your pet’s quality of life. Whether your pet has a benign or malignant mass, removing the mass can help to relieve pain and discomfort. In addition, removing a mass can also help to prevent the spread of cancerous cells. While the decision to remove a mass is never easy, it is often in the best interest of your pet’s health, and our veterinarians would be happy to discuss your options with you.