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Pet Boarding

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Pet Boarding in Murray, KY

​Our boarding facility offers indoor cages for both dogs and cats as well as indoor/outdoor runs. It is a climate-controlled facility and is maintained by trained veterinary staff members. A technician is on-site 24 hours. This trained staff member monitors hospital patients, critical cases, post-surgery patients, and boarding animals. There is also a veterinarian on call after hours which ensures that your pet is well cared for even after business hours are over.

We feed veterinarian-approved Hill’s Science Diet in our facility, but if your pet requires a different type of food, just bring it at check-in, and we will be glad to feed that. Vaccinations are required to safeguard your pet from illness while staying with us. For dogs, we require they have the Distemper/Parvo combination vaccine, Rabies, and Bordetella. Cats are required to have the Rabies and Feline Distemper combination vaccine. If your pet has not had these vaccinations, we can administer them upon check-in; however, to be specific, immunity to these things is strong, and we recommend having them at least a couple of weeks before boarding. We routinely have a room available for your pet, but it is wise to make reservations in advance, especially around the holidays. This secures a spot in our kennel for your pet.